Flatstock 92 SXSW in Austin Registration is coming soon

Registration info for Flatstock March 13-15, 2024 SXSW Austin, TX opens Friday December 8, 2023 9AM PDT/ 12/ EDT

Flatstock 92 is an art exhibition showcasing new and emerging talent to the world’s the most influential and exceptional poster artists, featuring handmade, limited-edition posters from artists around the globe. The show features an incredible range of visual styles, techniques and colors for sale by the talented artists who created them.
Who should apply?
Individual artists, studios and collectives. Flaststock strives to connect artists directly to their fans, collectors and clients. For that reason, we do not allow dealers, representatives  or other third party entities. 
What can be sold?
Historically, Flatstock was dedicated to gig posters. This year we are expanding to allow a larger spectrum of poster art including, but not limited to, film, politics, comedy, theatre, tourism, fine art and more. 
The focus of each booth should be poster art. While other studio related items like books, tshirt and decals are permitted, they should not compete or overshadow poster work. 
Other Requirements:
All work must be official in some capacity (i.e.; in the case of gig posters - contracted by the band, the promoter or the venue). Works based on unlicensed intellectual property work and fan art are strictly forbidden. 
All work should be limited edition (typically edition up to 200) and priority will be given to artists that use traditional techniques like screenprinting, letterpress, block printing and other means that involve the "hand of the artist."
Artists are required to exhibit at all three days of Flatstock.
Additional Info:
You will be notified within 7 days of application if you are approved for Flatstock. SXSW will invoice you for your booth and your payment and signed contract must be returned  to confirm your inclusion in Flatstock 92.


  • - 10’x10’ -- $340.00,
  • - 20’x10’ -- $520.00
  • - 20’x10’ Premium End Cap -- $640.00


Load-in will be available Tuesday afternoon. Booth includes one table, two chairs and 3 4'x8' cardboard panels. 
Thank you, 
Application post will go live Friday December 8, 2023 at 12EDT *REMEMBER: You must be a registered API member in order to apply for Flatstock. See you soon!

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